Extruded Aluminum Fire Pit Table [2 Key Features I Like]

Looking for a round patio table? Why not get one with a fire pit in the center? Fire Sense has an extruded aluminum fire pit table that throws out a good amount of heat and doubles as an outdoor dining table too.

Fire Sense Extruded Aluminum Fire Pit Table in Bronze with White Fire Glass

Fire Pit Table VS an Outdoor Patio Table:

I really like using my fire pit table at home because it not only keep me warm, but it also add an extra level of ambiance. It’s well worth the extra money I spent (vs a standard table) since I spend so much more time out on my deck now.

Note: It gives you a great excuse to sit down and relax with a glass of wine or tea at the end of the day).

The Round Fire Pit Table Shape Makes it More Functional:

It measures about 4 feet in diameter, so it can fit in smaller patios. Plus, the round size enables you to seat more people around it than a regular square-shaped table. This convenient size and shape makes it very versatile and user-friendly.

You can use it for dining or enjoying a glass of wine whether the fire pit is on or not. However, if you want more space for food, card games, etc, you can cover the fire bowl with the included matching lid and instantly have more space.

In addition, I find fire bowls very convenient if you have deciduous trees or lots of leaves that drop in your yard. They tend to migrate into the fire glass like a magnet, that is, unless you have a cover! =)

Round Aluminum Fire Pit Table with Center Cover

This gas fire pit uses a 20-lb propane tank (not included), which fits neatly out of site under the table. Just open the hinged door and connect the tank.

Interesting Fact About the Fire Pit Glass:

Many people prefer fire glass to lava rock due to it’s clean, modern look. In addition, the glass seems to reflect more heat, making the flames feel warmer.

Fire Sense Gas Fire Pit Table with Fire Glass

This extruded aluminum fit pit comes with 18 pounds of clear fire glass. I think it looks very contemporary and sophisticated. (Plus, it reminds me a little of ice crystals).

That said, you can switch out the color of the glass or even mix in a different shade. For example, blue, aqua, black, gold or emerald. Use 2 10-lb bags to fill the bowl or a single 10-lb bag to mix in color with the clear glass.

The brief video review below shows how the antique bronze finish looks up close. Plus, you can check out the actual size of the flames.

Extruded Aluminum Fire Pit Table Specs:

  • Tabletop Dimensions: 47″ Diameter
  • Fire Bowl Dimensions: 19.5″ Diameter
  • Table Height: 22″ Tall
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Finish: Antique Bronze
  • Heat Output: 40,000 BTU’s
  • Includes 18 lbs of Clear Fire Glass & Fire Bowl Lid
  • Model #: 61832
  • Get the Fire Pit Table Here

Note: I noticed something interesting. Fire Sense sells this fire pit table from their own website for about $800. However, you can get it from Amazon for about $150 less. Go figure. Pays to shop around, right?