Modern Glass Fire Pit Table – Worth the Money?

If you are looking for a cheap fire pit table, you won’t find it on this page. This glass fire pit table is dressed to impress, and it comes with a price tag to match. Keep reading, if you dare.

Modern Glass Fire Pit Table
Uptown Crystal Fire Pit Table, approx $3,500

To me, this piece of furniture is a modern work of art. It is stunning to look at, whether you do or don’t have a fire going. Believe it or not, this expensive piece of patio furniture may end up being cheaper than you think.


In the right home, the Uptown Crystal Fire Pit Table can be enjoyed 365 days a year, which is more than most indoor dining room sets can say. Do you get what I am saying?

Is This Glass Fire Pit Table Right for You?

1. Decorator Style

Do you have a nice patio that you want to furnish with impressive pieces that look like you hired a professional decorator? Are you going for that high-end appeal?

2. Minimalist

Do you believe that less is more? Would you prefer to invest in fewer pieces of furniture that you will use more often and for a longer period of time?

3. High Value

Are you looking for a functional outdoor dining set that you can use frequently? So much that a higher cost does not matter because you will be getting lots of use out of it?

4. Wise Investment

Would you prefer a fire pit table with more of a “built-in” look that could potentially increase the value of your home? Or one that holds its value well so that you can turn around and sell it in the future?

5. Glass Advantages

Do you like fire pit glass? Yes, the look is impressive, but did you know that there are several other advantages to using glass vs wood or lava rock? Fire glass is tempered, so it can be heated for long periods of time. It is clean burning and doesn’t emit hazardous smoke. It is low-cost and low-maintenance – you can use it forever. Fire glass is modern and clean yet cozy and luxurious.

Fire Pit Table Specs:

  • Propane Gas Ready, Natural Gas conversion kit included
  • 88,000 BTU (allows for significant amount of light and heat)
  • Includes 16 lbs of diamond colored fire glass
  • Features easy push button igniter
  • Dimensions: 65″ Long x 48″ Wide x 24″ High
  • Burner Measurements: 42″ Long x 12″ Wide
  • Item Weight: 275 lbs.
  • UL Listed to guarantee safety and quality

Comes in 2 colors:

  • Brown Stucco Base with Brown Supercast Concrete Top (above>
  • Black Stucco Base with Black Supercast Concrete Top (below)

Modern Glass Fire Pit Table in Black

Answers to Questions:

1. What is Supercast?

This process involves molding concrete with glass fibers to reinforce the structure, making it stronger than traditional concrete alone. As the concrete is molded into shape, it can be textured to look like natural stone or other upgraded surfaces.

2. What is Fire Glass?

Fire glass is tempered glass designed specifically to be used in hot environments. In addition, it reflects light well, producing a vibrant and sometimes colorful environment. Furthermore, it does not melt, burn or discolor. On top of that, it also does not produce toxic fumes or smoke.

Note: optional burner cover, glass guard and/or log set can be purchased separately.

The Uptown Crystal Fire Pit Table is designed and manufactured by the Outdoor Greatroom Company, which is known for helping homeowners and designers create dream outdoor rooms. They produce high-quality, long-lasting furnishings that people can count on and enjoy for a long, long time.

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