Oriflamme Fire Pit Table – The Hottest Fire Table?

Oriflamme Granite Top Fire Pit TableDesigning Fire, Inc. makes an elegant round granite-top fire pit table. The Oriflamme can dress up any outdoor space, while still being functional at the same time.

In fact, the table itself looks very classy, even if you don’t have the fire going.

The secret to the Oriflamme fire pit table, however, is not the granite tabletop. It’s the unique blue flame that comes out of the specially-designed burner.

Keep the flame on low for the blue color or turn up the flame for high heat. This high-heat unit can give off a large amount of heat: up to 55,000 BTU (propane) or 65,000 BTU (natural gas).

Santa Cecillia Granite Top Fire TableNote: If the Oriflamme is out of stock, check out the Santa Cecillia granite top fire table. It measures over 1 foot wider in diameter. Plus, you can choose from a variety of different base colors to match your patio decor.

Why Two Propane Gas Tanks are Better than One:

Of course, with such a high heat output, the fire will need more gas. Don’t worry, the Oriflamme features a really cool dual-tank system. The table holds (2) 20-lb propane gas tanks.

By having a larger energy source to pull from, you can keep your flames on the lower setting and replace the tanks half as often. On the other hand, you can turn up the flames to high heat and enjoy your outdoor fire pit in the middle winter without the worry of getting cold.

The Benefits of Fire Glass…

Close Up of Fire Glass in Oriflamme Fire Pit Oriflamme fire pit tables use fire glass in the center “bowl”. This special glass is clean-burning and low maintenance.

It is also sophisticated looking and offers unique, colorful fires. Plus, you can get fire glass in a multitude of colors. Talk about ambiance!

Designing Fire, Inc. manufactures the Oriflamme fire table with a variety of different tabletop shapes (ie. Octagonal), surfaces (ie. Tuscan Stone), sizes and heights. The video below explains the special features and functions of the units and the quality behind them…

Ice Bucket Insert, just $120

Answers to Questions About the Oriflamme Fire Pit Table:

1.How many hours does the propane tank last?

Burn time lasts about 8 hours per tank on the high flame setting. With the dual tank system, you can get 16 hour of continuous burn time. That said, if you have your flame set on low, you can significantly extend the life of your propane tanks. Blue Rhino says the average is 10 hours, and Patio Embers says about 11 hours.

2. Is the table portable?

These tables are heavy but portable with 2 people. The frame only weighs about 50 lbs. The tabletop and burner make up most of the weight of the unit, totaling about 225-250 lbs.

3. Can I assemble the table myself?

Yes. No tools are necessary. Assembly is quick and easy.

4. Can the table be hooked up to a natural gas line?

Yes, with a simple conversion piece.

Product Specs:

  • Weight: 225-250 lbs
  • Dimensions: 32″ Diameter 22″ tall

Assembly Instructions for the Oriflamme Fire Pit Table:

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Visit the User Guide for more assembly instructions, maintenance information and warranty information. More information.