Outdoor Sofa Set with Fire Pit – A Better Value?

Do you want to set up a cozy living room on your patio or deck that can seat a bunch of people? This outdoor sofa set with fire pit table makes the perfect backyard party spot. Plus, you can re-arrange the pieces in lots of ways…

Outdoor Sofa Set with Fire Pit Table Seats 11 People

Ideas for Using Your Outdoor Corner Sofa Set:

For example, you can use this outdoor furniture set as shown in the photo to seat up to 11 people. The U-shaped sofa creates a comfortable, casual space to lean back and relax. While the fire pit provides ambiance, light, warmth and a place for people to set their drinks.

Elongated Rectangular Faux Stone Fire Pit TableOn the other hand, you could arrange the modular chairs and corner sections into smaller conversation areas.

…Or set up a sectional sofa with a couple of chairs. Or two couches with extra seating. You see what I mean. The options are too many to count.

Furthermore, this outdoor sofa set can be used for dining as well as entertaining because of its fire pit table. In other words, the multi-functional design gives you a lot more value than other patio furniture sets.

Note: Outdoor modular sectionals make entertaining easy because you can re-arrange them on a dime. Furthermore, the matching chairs and sofas give your parties effortless style without having to pull together different sets of furniture.

No matter how you decide to group it, this lounger furniture provides really comfortable seating. The chairs have deep seats, plus the cushions feel thick and dense.

Lightweight, Durable Design Makes this Outdoor Furniture Better:

Lightweight Outdoor Sofa Cushions and Frame Make Furniture Easy to MoveThe lightweight aluminum frame makes the pieces super easy to move around. At the same time, their well-designed metal construction is sturdy, rust-resistant and long-lasting.

In addition, the weather-proof cushions are made from a non-porous polyester fabric. Therefore, they don’t require much care or upkeep. Plus, they resist water, so this makes it really easy to clean up spills. etc..

This outdoor living room set comes with the furniture shown: the U-shaped sectional, the gas fire pit table plus a matching gas tank holder. In other words, you don’t have to worry about buying matching furniture.

Outdoor Seating Includes:

  • Right Sofa Seat 53.25″ W x 27.5″ D
  • Left Sofa Seat 53.25″ W x 27.5″ D
  • 5 Armless Chairs 24.75″ W x 27.5″ D
  • 2 Corner Chairs 27.6″ W x 27.6″ D

That said, the furniture frame does require assembly, and you’ll need to get a 20-lb propane gas tank. However, the furniture package comes with all the tools you’ll need to put the parts together.

Also, if you want throw pillows, potted plants and cocktails, you’ll need to purchase those separately.

Outdoor Corner Sectional Sofa Set with Propane Gas Faux Stone Fire Pit Table

Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set Delivers More Value for the Money:

This modular sectional outdoor furniture works well virtually anywhere: a deck, patio, porch, garden or poolside. In fact, you may decide to use part of it to lounge by the pool and another section to dine on the patio.

Of course, the lightweight frame makes it easy to transform your outdoor lounger into a dining area in minutes. I especially like how the fire pit tabletop provides ample space for drinks and food.

Note: Compared to a fire pit table and chairs, this set also allows you to enjoy a corner sofa and multiple loungers. In fact, I think it really makes a plain backyard feel like a complete outdoor living room. No permits required. =)

And I haven’t even mentioned that the modern, contemporary style of this extra large sofa can instantly upgrade the look of an outdoor space. I mean, it looks like furniture that you’d find at a resort, right?

Specs for the Pag Outdoor Sofa Set with Fire Pit:

  • Fire Pit Dimensions: 56.25″ Long x 26″ Wide x 17.5″ Tall
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Frame Color: Silver
  • Cushion Material: 100% Water Resistant Polyester
  • Cushion Color: Khaki
  • Fire Pit Material: Lightweight Concrete
  • Fire Pit Finish: Stone
  • Assembly Required (tools including in package)
  • Propane Gas Tank Not Included
  • Model #: 309867
  • Brand: GDF Studio
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Sectional Fire Pit Set