6 Advantages of a “Faux” Stone Top Fire Pit Table…

Do you want an upscale fire table for your backyard – without having to spend a lot of money? This stone top fire pit table looks more expensive than it costs, plus it’s easy to use, functional and versatile…

Stone Top Fire Pit Table with Wood-Look Sides Made from Environstone

High Style Fire Pit at a Budget-Friendly Price:

I like bargains, and this fire pit table is one of them. It looks like a custom-designed table made from weathered lumber and slate stone.

Brevick Environstone Fire Pit with Faux Stone Tabletop and Wood Look Sides

However, it is constructed completely of low-cost Envirostone. This material a decorative, yet durable, plus it’s resistant to heat and fire. In fact, you’ll find it used in many fire pits to imitate the look of concrete, brick or flagstone as well.

Not to mention, it weighs significantly less than a stone top table. As a result, this faux stone table is conveniently easier to set up and move.

And, of course, it keeps the price down and saves you money too. =)

Faux Stone Tabletop on Fire PitThe package includes lava rock for the fire bowl, which complements the stone look tabletop with a natural look.

Whether you’re going for a tropical or rustic feel on your patio or deck, this fire table works well for either.

Plus, the tabletop provides enough space to set drinks or rest your feet without being too big. In other words, it’s functional, offers ambiance and creates a cozy atmosphere for guests.

By the way, the fire bowl has a stainless steel burner. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it rusting or having to replace it.

How the Propane Tank Connects to the Fire Pit:

Because this fire pit sits low, like a coffee table, a 20-lb propane tank cannot fit underneath it. Therefore, this package comes with a separate matching tank cover and an extra long gas hose to connect the tank to the fire bowl.

Faux Wood and Stone Square Fire Pit Table with Matching Propane Gas Tank Cover

In addition to concealing the gas tank, this hard cover actually works well as a side table too. Consequently, you get extra space to set drinks, food, a lamp, etc..

Electronic Ignition Makes Lighting Your Fire Pit Easy:

Electronic Ignition Knob on Environstone Fire Pit TableThe hose connects to the fire pit through an electronic ignition system. So, lighting the fire is just as simple as if the tank was located underneath the table itself.

Simply press the lighter button to hear a clicking sound. Then, rotate the gas knob to release gas and light start the fire.

To turn off the flames, just rotate the knob in the opposite direction.

Specs for Brevick Stone Top Fire Pit Table:

  • Dimensions: 40″ Square x 15″ High
  • Fire Bowl Diameter: 20″ Across
  • Fire Bowl Depth: 2″ Deep
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Material: Envirostone
  • Max Heat Output: 50,000 BTU
  • Propane and Natural Gas Options
  • Includes PVC Cover, Lava Rock, Gas Tank Cover & 10-foot Gas Hose
  • Model: Brevick
  • Brand: Red Ember
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Brevick Fire Pit