Round Stone Propane Fire Pit – Pros & Cons

Do you want to turn your backyard into a warm entertaining space year-round? This round stone propane fire pit acts as an outdoor table, a fire pit and a patio heater in one.

Round Stone Gas Fire Pit Table with Matching Propane Tank Cover, Glass Wind Guard and Cover

6 Ways This Modern Fire Pit is Ultra Convenient:

1. First of all, the large stone table may look heavy, but it only weighs about 100 lbs. Plus, it features handle openings on opposites sides, so 2 people can easily move if needed.

2. Second, it uses clean-burning propane gas. Therefore, you don’t have to ashes, soot or smoke. Although you don’t get the authentic woodsy smell of burning logs, you’ll have less maintenance, clean-up and mess.

Round Fire Pit Features - Glass Guard, Electronic Ignition3. Third, this fire pit features push-button ignition with a knob to control the flame level. Consequently, you don’t need matches, and you can light your fire instantly. Not to mention, you can choose the flame size you want (choose lower flames for more efficiency).

4. Fourth, the table comes with a glass wind guard, which can make a huge difference if you live in a windy area. Not only does it make the flames look larger and brighter, but it helps the fire bowl emit more heat.

5. Fifth, this table includes a lid for the fire bowl. Therefore, you can transform your fire pit into a patio table for outdoor dining, games, etc.. This dual-functionality enables you to use your table more often, which I think makes it a better value.

6. Lastly, you get a protective water resistant cover for your table in the package. This keeps your table cleaner (less work for you), plus it prevents leaves and other debris that tend to fall in the lava rock.

What You May Not Like About this Fire Table:

First, it doesn’t offer much table space, unless you turn off the flames and use the lid. Although you can set glasses or small plates on the rim, you only get 6-7″ depth to work with.Compare this to other rectangular tables with smaller fire bowls that offer 10+ inches depth.

Second, you can’t fit the propane tank underneath the fire pit table. Therefore, you have to house it in a separate container and connect it with a hose. This can be awkward and a potential trip hazard. However, many people simply use an outdoor carpet or run the hose underneath furniture.

Lava Rock or Fire Glass?

By the way, this fire pit comes with brown lava rock. If you want to switch it out for fire glass, you can get fire glass here. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose a solid color or mix tones.

You can even add colored glass in with the lava rock. However, if you want to use entirely fire glass, you’ll need about 25 -30 lbs to for the 27″ wide fire bowl.

Clear Fire Glass in Round Fire Bowl with Ring of Flames

Some people prefer using glass for its reflective color and extra heat that it can emit (efficient). On the other hand, lava stones have a natural, rustic look. Plus, lava can save you money because it comes with the table.

Fire Pit Dimensions – Perfect Height for Relaxing:

Below, you can see the dimensions for both the fire pit table and the gas tank cover.

The gas fire pit sits low to the ground, like a coffee table or traditional fire pit would. Therefore, it has a relaxed feel and provides the perfect spot to rest your feet.

Alternatively, you can use the table space to set drinks or snacks. The included wind guard prevents food and drink from accidentally spilling into the fire pit.

Dimensions for the Round Fire Table, Glass Wind Guard and Tank Cover

Note: By the way, the hose from the table to the tank measures about 9 1/2 feet long. So, you have lots of options as far as where to place your tank/cover.

Specs for the Round Stone Propane Fire Pit Table:

  • Fit Pit Dimensions: 42″ Diameter x 13″ Tall
  • Fire Bowl: 27″ Diameter
  • Tank Cover Size: 16″ Square x 20″ Tall
  • Hose Length: 118 ” Long
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Table Shape: CircularRound Fire Pit Colors: Sandstone or Bronze
  • Table Material: Magnesium Oxide
  • Burner: Stainless Steel
  • Wind Guard: Tempered Glass
  • 2 Color Options: Sandstone & Bronze
  • Heat Output: 50,000 BTU’s
  • Fuel Source: Propane Gas
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Already Assembled
  • Includes Cover, Wind Guard, Lava Rock
  • Comes with Matching Gas Tank Cover
  • Propane Gas Tank Not Included
  • Brand: Cosiest
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Stone Fire Pit