9 FAQ’s – Before You Buy a Gas Fire Pit Table

Do you want to buy a gas fire pit table? Get answers to your questions before you buy, so you can get the best fire table for you.

1. What Type of Fuel do Gas Fire Pits Use?

Gas fire tables typically use propane gas, while some use or can be converted to a natural gas unit. People like the propane tank option because it allows you set up your table virtually anywhere in your yard. In other words, it’s not tethered to a gas line from your house.

Fire Pit Table with Rocking Chairs

Many tables conveniently have an area built into the table where a 20-lb propane tank sits out of sight. In other cases where the table sits lower, the fire bowl connects to a propane tank stored outside of the table.

2. How Big Should a Fire Pit Be?

The optimal fire table size will depend on the space available and how you intend to use it. Keep in mind that your patio, deck or backyard will need to fit the table as well as chairs and area to comfortably walk around. Usually, tables measuring 48″ in diameter or larger are best suited for bigger yards.

8-Person Bar Height Fire Pit Table Set with Wicker Barstools

In addition, if you want to dine by your fire pit, look for tables that provide adequate tabletop area for foods and/or drinks. Also look at table height – some are taller than others and therefore more comfortable for dinners, etc..

Of course, if you like to entertain larger groups, you’ll probably want a larger fire pit table. Square tables tend to be the smallest, with rectangular shapes can usually seat more guests. However, I think that round tables can actually fit the most people because they don’t have corners.

3. How Much Heat do Fire Tables Give Off?

Wine Barrel Fire Pit Runs on Propane Gas, has Instant Ignition, Glass Beads

The maximum heat output will depend on the model and fuel source (propane or natural gas). On average, heat from propane ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 BTUs per hour, while heat produced from natural gas fire pit table ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 BTUs.

Although higher heat tables may seem like the best, they use more gas, and therefore will cost more to run. Smaller size fire tables usually emit less heat and also work better on small patios or decks.

Also, many gas tables have a knob that allows you to adjust the flame. Consequently, you can control the heat output as well.

4. Are Fire Pit Tables Weather Resistant?

Most fire pit tables are designed to be weather resistant, due to the fact that they are outdoor furniture. For instance, they include materials like stainless steel or aluminum which are less likely to rust.

In addition, tables made with concrete, stone or tile are extremely heavy duty and weather well. All that said, using a cover when your table is not in use can help protect and and keep it looking nice. Covers also help to keep leaves and other debris from accumulating in the fire bowl.

5. Can You Use Fire Tables When it’s Windy?

Gas Fire Pit Table with Glass WInd Guard

Fire pits can provide more heat and taller flames without wind, so some people who live in windier climates get a wind guard. Some tables come with a glass wind guard, but you can purchase them separately as well.

In extremely windy conditions, gusts can actually blow a fire out. So, ideally, you want to use your fire pit in an area that’s protected from wind as much as possible.

6. Do Fire Pit Tables Come with Covers?

Some fire pit tables include a protective cover and some do not. You can buy fire table covers separately too. They come in variety of sizes and usually come in black, tan or beige. Look for weather-resistant fabrics like polyester or vinyl.

In addition, some fire bowls come with metal lids to cover the hearth area in the center of the tabletop. These can be a nice feature if you sometimes want to use your fire pit as a regular table for games or dining.

7. How Easy is it to Light a Gas Fire Table?

Push Button Ignition on Propane Gas Fire Pit

The majority of gas fire pit tables include electronic ignition, which allows you to light your fire with the push of a button. They also have knobs which let you control the flame level.

Turning off your fire is just as easy. This functionality is well worth getting, as it makes it even easier to enjoy your fire pit.

Note: In addition, gas fire tables typically come with a propane adapter hose and regulator. Therefore, you can simply screw the hose to the gas tank, open your tank and you’re ready to electronically light your fire.

8. Are Fire Pit Tables Safe?

Compared to traditional wood-burning fire pits, the table versions are very safe because you don’t have to worry about burning embers. You can also use glass wind guards as we talked about above.

Grey Wicker Patio Furniture with Fire Pit Table

I’ve had several people ask if they can use a fire pit table on a deck, and yes you can. The fire bowl (where the flames are) gets hot, but the table underneath stays cool.

That said, you should always take care with a fire. You shouldn’t place fire tables under a low overhang, and don’t use one indoors.

9. Do Gas Fire Pits have Warranties?

Most fire pit tables come with a warranty that ranges from 1 to 5 years. Some high-end fire pit tables may have a longer warranty of up to 10 years. Check with the manufacturer before you buy a gas fire pit table.