Patio Tables with Fire Pits – Coffee Table VS Bar Height

Do you want to entertain outdoors more often? Patio tables with fire pits take outdoor dining to a whole new level because they provide heat, ambiance AND a tabletop.

Wicker Style Round Patio Table with Fire Pit in the Middle

Coffee Table Fire Pit Creates a Relaxing Dining Experience:

The fire pit built-into the middle of the table allows you to dine around the fire. Plus, you can now put a fire pit on a patio or deck because it is safely enclosed in the table itself.

Alternatively, you can cover the fire bowl with the included lid and use it as a regular patio table without the flames. So, it’s like getting 2 pieces of furniture in one.

One advantage that round fire pit tables have over square models is that they can typically seat more people even if smaller in size. Because they don’t have corners, it’s easier to fit more people around circular tables of equivalent size.

Although this model is designed to fit 4 people, you can see that it’s possible to fit 5 or even 6 people around the fire pit if needed.

Swivel Rockers for Outdoor Fire Pit TableNote: This table doesn’t include chairs, but you can buy the matching set separately (shown in the photo).

Consequently you can buy as many swivel rockers as you like – or use chairs you may already have. matching swivel rockers

The second feature I like about this table is that it isn’t exceptionally heavy. For example, stone-top tables (like the one I have) are cumbersome to lift and move, even after you’ve removed the propane tank.

Lighter-weight tables make it easier to enjoy the fire pit in different areas of your yard, or re-locate it to a more protected area in wintertime.

Easy-to-Operate, Low Maintenance Fire Pit:

Propane Gas Fire Table Hides LP Tank Underneath TableThe propane tank is fully contained (and hidden) within the table itself. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about connecting to a tank outside the table, hoses that you might trip over, etc..

The tank sits on a shelf that you can easily pull out. Therefore, one person can easily switch an empty tank for a full one in about 60 seconds.

Lighting the fire is just as simple too. Just press the ignition button and turn the gas knob, and the fire instantly lights. You can also adjust the flame size (and heat output) using the same knob. You don’t even have to get out of your seat.

This fire table actually looks like an ordinary patio table until you lift off the center lid and expose the fire bowl. (By the way, the lid comes in really handy for keeping leaves and debris out of the fire glass.)

It is strong and durable with all-weather wicker and rust-proof aluminum. In other words, it stays looking good without you having to re-stain, seal or paint it. Need to clean the table? Just hose it off.

Specs for the Paradise Trail Patio Table with Fire Pit:

  • Fit Pit Dimensions: 48″ Diameter x 25″ Talle
  • Weight: 74 lbs
  • Table Shape: Circular
  • Material: Rust-Proof Aluminum, Resin Wicker
  • Color: Brown
  • Heat Output: 55,000 BTU’s
  • Electronic IgnitionWicker Patio Fire Table
  • Includes Fire Glass Beads
  • Comes with Weather Cover
  • Fuel Source: Propane Gas
  • Gas Tank Not Included
  • Can Convert to Natural Gas
  • Assembly Required
  • Model #: P750-776
  • Manufacturer: Ashley Furniture Industries
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Patio Table

8-Person Fire Pit Set – Perfect for Outdoor Dining:

Want a bigger fire pit that can fit more people? This table also comes in a larger square size designed to seat 8 people. In addition, it measures 39″ tall (bar height), so you can use it with bar stools for an elevated outdoor dining experience.

8-Person Bar Height Fire Pit Table Set with Wicker Barstools

The fire table has similar design features to the model above, except that it’s bigger (56″L x 56″W x 39″T) and weighs about 40 pounds more. It also doesn’t include matching chairs – but you can get the wicker barstools here to complete the outdoor dining set.

Note: This fire table does come with a fire bowl cover. So, you can cover the center and turn your fire table into a regular patio table with more space for games, drinks and food.