Is the Hexagon Fire Pit Table Worth the Money?

Hiland makes a newer model of the hexagon fire pit table. It comes with upgraded clear fire glass instead of standard lava rock.

6-Sided Gas Fire Pit Table with Lid and Clear Fire Glass Included

Plus, the package also includes a lid for the fire bowl. Therefore, you can use the fire pit for warmth – or as a regular patio table for games or dining.

The older version:

Hexagon Fire Pit Table for 6

The Uniflame hexagon fire pit table places a close second to my favorite. It may come as no surprise, since their marbled slate tile tabletop look very similar.

The main difference is obvious. This model seats 6 people versus 4, due to its hexagonal shape. It also costs about $300 more.

Black Glass in Fire PitAnother difference is that the center firebowl is filled with black glass pieces (included) instead of the lava rock with faux logs.

Although I am partial to the rustic logs, the black glass crystals are actually pretty cool-looking, especially against the slate tiles.

It has the same easy-access control panel under the table where the propane tank (not included) is housed. It features the same electronic ignition system that I like as well.

Close-Up of Tile on Hexagon TabletopApproximate measurements are 22″ high x 50″ diameter wide. This is not significantly larger than the square model, which seats 4 people, so you can comfortably seat more guests without needing much more deck space. I do like this.

However, it’s currently priced at $770 on Amazon. I would have liked to see it about $100 less, but who am I to think I am the fire pit pricing expert?

How to Save Money:

That said, I’ve included some links from various websites so you can shop around if you like.

Note: One way to get around the price aspect (if you even care) is to save money on the chairs. Sometimes you can find some great deals on mid or end-of-season sales at Home Depot or Target. I have had great experiences with outdoor furniture constructed of resin wicker.

How is the Hexagon Fire Pit Table a Valuable Asset?

Hexagon Fire Pit Table in Backyard

I’ve known several friends who have had to move and unfortunately sell their fire pit tables. The good news is that these outdoor furnishings hold their value, like a nice bottle of cabernet or a vintage car.

Apparently, people pay good money for well-maintained fire pit tables that are local and already assembled. Something to keep in mind.