Faux Wood Fire Pit Table [ 5 Reasons I Like this One Best ]

The Pablo faux wood fire pit table looks anything but usual. In fact, its contemporary styling makes it appear custom built. However, you can actually buy it for less than $500 pre-assembled and shipped to your door for free.

Faux Wood Fire Pit Table

Function & Design Make this Fire Pit Table a Smart Investment.

Personally, I like the rectangular shape because (1) it gives this fire pit table a more sophisticated “decorator” look and (2) you get more usable tabletop space without overtaking your patio.

Close Up of Faux Wood Tabletop on Pablo Fire Pit Table

1. Get Your Money’s Worth on Outdoor Furniture:

When shopping for patio furniture, I want comfort and functionality. That said, I also want my backyard to look great even when I’m not using it.

Therefore, I’m willing to pay more for items that upgrade the look of my home’s exterior. However, in this case, I don’t have to pay more. =)

Also, the faux wood grain gives this fire pit an unexpected style and character. In my opinion, it has a grey weathered appearance that feels comfortable, casual and inviting.

Note: I mean, this table yells, “Get out here and throw your feet up on the table while you enjoy a glass of wine at sunset”, right?

2. Serve Guests Food at the Fire Pit

Alternatively, the tabletop works perfectly for serving h’ors doeuvres to guests. In other words, the Pablo table serves multiple purposes while providing the perfect space for family and friends to gather.

These days, I am always looking for ways to save a buck or get more value for my money. Maybe that’s why I gravitate towards furnishings that provide dual purposes.

3. Fit More Friends Around the Table

Pablo Gas Fire Pit Table with Separate Propane Tank Cover

In addition, you can comfortably fit more people around a rectangular fire pit than you could with a square table. Think 6 people instead of 4, even though the fire pit doesn’t take up more patio space than the standard square version.

I actually think that this rectangular design also enables you to sit closer to the fire. (A convenient benefit if you tend to get cold outdoors in the evening.)

4. Feel Warmer While You Sit by the Fire

Electric Starter and Gas Adjustment Knob on the Pablo Fire Pit TableSpeaking of warmth, this fire pit has a higher heat output than many other tables, at 50,000 BTUs. Therefore, you can get some nice large flames as well as more heat on those chilly nights.

On the other hand, you can adjust the gas to lower the flames on warmer evenings where you need want as much heat.

This way, you can conserve gas and the propane tank lasts longer. And who doesn’t want to save money, right?

Note: As you can see in the photo, the fire bowl has an easy-to-operate electric starter button and flame adjustment knob. No matches needed and super convenient.

5. This Table Comes Already Assembled.

I have absolutely no problem with that. =) I spent an entire afternoon assembling my own fire pit table (which I love, just for the record). So, I know how long this project typically takes.

I mean, I could have been drinking a glass of wine by the fire 4 hours sooner!

Fire Pit Table Includes a Fabric Cover

Furniture covers help keep outdoor furniture looking newer for longer. In addition, a fire pit table cover can prevent lots of falling leaves and debris from getting in your fire bowl.

I have oak trees, and the fire pit seems to somehow magnetically attract those leaves. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. =)

Pros & Cons of Having a Separate Propane Tank Holder…

Propane Tank Cover for Pablo Fire Pit TableUnlike other fire pit tables, the Pablo houses the propane tank in a separate “holder” rather than concealed underneath the table itself. Some people prefer to keep the propane tank within the fire pit table for a cleaner look.

However, you can hook up this table to your home’s natural gas system. In that case, having a separate container for a propane tank won’t matter to you. (Actually, it can come in handy as a side table too!)

Faux Wood Fire Pit Table Specs:

  • Dimensions: 56″ Long x 26″ Wide x 18″ Tall
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Material: Magnesium Oxide & Powder Coated Iron
  • Color: Grey
  • Heat Output: 50,000 BTU
  • Tank Cover Dimensions: 15.75″ Wide x 15.75″ Deep x 22″ High
  • Gas Hose Length: 8′ Long
  • Table Includes Fabric Cover and Lava Rock
  • Propane Tank Not Included
  • Model: Pablo
  • Fire Pit Table Comes Pre-Assembled
  • Manufacturer: Great Deal Furniture (818) 918-3129
  • Get the Pablo Fire Pit Here

Compare Fire Pit Tables with Faux Wood Tops:

Yosemite Faux Wood and Stone Gas Fire Pit TableFor comparison’s sake, Tortuga Outdoor also sells the Yosemite faux wood and stone fire pit table. It has a nice rustic feel to it, and the wood/stone looks authentic.

However, it costs $200 more, puts out less heat, has a smaller size and has lower customer ratings.

By the way, if you like the wood tabletop look, you may also like the Key Largo Fire Pit Table. It similarly features a casual, rustic feel with faux wood tabletop and faux wicker/rattan sides.