Fire Pit Coffee Table Transforms Outdoor Living Room…

Do you want to create a comfortable outdoor living room on your deck or patio? Instead of a traditional rustic fire pit, you may prefer something a little more sophisticated and stylish, like a fire pit coffee table.

People Sitting Around Montego fire Pit Table in Backyard

The Montego Fire Pit Table fits perfectly. In addition to providing style, it also offers more function than a traditional fire pit.

Stylish, Functional & Strong?

As you can see, the base of the table has wicker styling. In addition, the tabletop is made from tempered black glass. This dark, reflective surface has an upscale designer look, in addition to being ultra durable and functional.

Tempered glass, of course, works well in heated environments. In addition, this material resists scratches, so it has a big advantage as a surface material.

Montego Fire Table Package Includes:

  • Fire Pit Table with Wicker Base
  • Glass Burner Cover
  • 15 lbs of Fire Glass
  • Hose Regulator, Gas Valve and Metal Flex Hose
  • Natural Gas Orifice for Converting Table to Natural Gas
  • Electronic Piezo (Electronic Starter that Doesn’t Require a Battery)

When you’re not using the fire pit, simply cover the center with the included glass burner cover. Then, you can use the entire tabletop surface for playing games, serving larger meals, etc.

Getting More Use Out of a Fire Pit Table…

This 5-foot long, 2 1/2 foot wide coffee table definitely gives you a good amount of surface area for entertaining guests.

By the way, the cover works wonders at keeping the fire pit clean and clear of debris, especially if you trees in your backyard. Just saying. =)

Propane Gas Fire Pit Coffee Table

Fire Pit Coffee Table Specs: