Deluxe Fire Table Patio Set… that Can Save You Money?

Do you want to upgrade the look of your backyard with a modern fire pit and living room set? GDF Studio has a stunning Fire Table Patio Set, and it costs less than it looks!

Fire Table Patio Set with Concrete Fire Pit Table with Matching Upholstered Outdoor Sofa and 2 Chairs

Not only can you furnish an entire outdoor living room with one purchase, but you can save money doing it. Plus, this timeless set will look good and last many years, providing real value.

The Fire Pit Table Design is User-Friendly, and Good-Looking

The elongated rectangular shape of this fire pit table gives you much more usable table area than other square-shaped models. Therefore, you can seat 6 people around the fire instead of just 4.

Fire Table with Matching Sofa and Chair Set

In addition, the longer, narrow fire bowl can display plenty of flames without taking up much table space. As a result, you get the benefit of more tabletop are for food, drink, etc..

Note: By the way, this fire pit table puts out a good amount of heat. For instance, many standard fire tables only have 40,000 BTU’s vs this model has 50,000 BTU’s.

Propane Cover DimensionsThe table sits lower to the ground than a traditional table, so a 20-lb propane tank does not fit underneath. Consequently, this package includes a separate matching tank cover which doubles as an additional side table.

Normally, I would prefer to have the propane tank fit under the table itself. However, in the case of a living room set, I like the idea of having an additional table on which to set drinks.

Note: If you want to hide the hose from the fire pit table to the tank cover, simply place an outdoor rug underneath the table. This will conceal the hose, plus add style and comfort to your outdoor room.

Living Room Set has Sophisticated Design & Deluxe Upholstery

Close Up of Patio Chair Cushion UpholsteryThe neutral mid-tone cushion colors stay cooler in the sun than dark cushions. At the same time, they work well at hiding dirt.

In addition, the weather-resistant cushions also have sun protection. Plus, they have zippers for easy removal and cleaning.

Furthermore, the aluminum frame keeps the chairs and sofa lightweight so they easy to move. And, you can store the cushions inside separately during winter. You can keep the weatherproof frames outside.

In other words, this outdoor living furniture set is not only durable, it is conveniently easy to care for as well.

Crested Bay Fire Pit Patio Set Includes:

Fire Table Patio Set with Concrete Fire Pit Table with Matching Upholstered Outdoor Sofa and 2 Chairs

  • Fire Pit Table
  • 2 Club Chairs with Cushions
  • 1 Love Seat with Cushions
  • 1 Tank Cover
  • Lava Rock

** Throw cushions shown in pictures not included

Specs for the Fire Table Patio Set:

  • Fire Table Dimensions: 56″ Long x 26.25″ Wide x 15″ Tall
  • Shipping Weight: 241 lbs
  • Fire Table Material: MgO (Magnesium Oxide, see below)
  • Fire Pit Table Color: White-Grey or Dark Grey
  • Furniture Frame: Aluminum (Grey Finish)
  • Cushion Fabric: Water & Sun Resistant Polyester (Khaki)
  • Heat Output: 50,000 BTUs
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Includes Lava Rock
  • Does Not Include Propane Tank
  • Model #: Crested Bay Chat Set
  • Assembly Required
  • Manufacturer: Great Deal Furniture (818) 918-3129
  • Get the Patio Set Here

Below you can see the furniture dimensions for both the chairs and love seat:

Patio Furniture Dimensions for Fire Table Sofa Set

Note: This fire table is constructed of the new Ecolive ® MgO material, which is weatherproof, fire and chemical resistant, and it is impervious to water. Manufacturers use MgO to effectively imitate the look of concrete, wood, stone, leather, wicker, metal and more.

The Ecolive material costs significantly less and weighs less than the real forms. Therefore, both the manufacturer and customer benefit from the cost savings and the ease of mobility. Read more on MgO here.

Fire Table Dimensions