Custom-Made Flagstone Fire Pit Table in 4 Steps…

Do you want an authentic looking flagstone fire pit table for your backyard – without having to build one yourself? Well, you can now order these unique fire pits online and have them custom-designed just for you.

White Flagstone Fire Pit with Table

1. 3 Different Flagstone Colors to Choose From:

For instance, these flagstone paver tables come in 3 different colors: light sandstone, Tuscany brown and onyx grey. Therefore, you can select the tone that works best with your home and landscaping.

3 Flagstone Colors: Tuscany, Onyx and Sandstone

The flagstone structure is actually made of GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete). As a result, the table weighs less and is more durable than traditional concrete.

Note: The taller height and 5-foot length of this fire pit table make it ideal for dining with friends. Plus, you can fit 6 people around the table, whereas a square fire pit typically can only fit 4.

Patio Swivel Rocking Chairs for Fire Pit TableYou can get some great swivel rocker chairs that work well for both dining and relaxing. They offer comfortable cushioned seating while still being small enough so you an fit 6 chairs around the table.

2. This Fire Pit Can Run on Either Propane or Natural Gas:

In addition, this fire pit can run on either propane or natural gas. The table has the ability to hide a propane tank underneath for a sophisticated, clean look.

Alternatively, you can connect it to your home’s natural gas. In this case, you can avoid having to switch out gas tanks when they get empty.

Flagstone Fire Pit Table with Either Propane or Natural Gas Options

Note: This fire pit table can put out a good amount of heat (65,000 BTU’s). Compared to many standard outdoor gas fire pits that have 40,000 BTU’s, this flagstone table can keep your guests significantly warmer on those cool evenings.

3. Easy Electronic Ignition or Save Money with Match-Lit Models:

Furthermore, you can select the easy push-button electronic ignition that automatically lights your fires for you. On the other hand, you can choose to save money (over $1,500) and go with the cost-effective match-lit version.

By the way, the automatic ignition system offers an optional timer setting. These models allow you to set a timer where the flames automatically turn off at a certain time. So, you have one less thing to worry about when throwing a party or entertaining guests.

Outdoor Living Room with Sofas and Fire Pit Table

4. Get a Wind Guard if You Want One:

Top Fires Glass Wind Guard for Flagstone Fire PitYou can also get a tempered glass wind guard specifically designed for the fire bowl. However, you’ll need to purchase it separately.

The wind guard kit comes with all of the parts need to connect it to the table, and the glass measures 8″ tall. Wind guards surround the fire bowl and do a great job of enhancing the size and color of the flames if you live in a windy area.

Not to mention, wind guards offer a level of safety if you have young children. Plus, they help prevent wine glasses and food from falling into the fire bowl.

Specs for Flagstone Fire Pit Table:

  • Dimensions: 60″ Long x 28″ Wide x 24″ High
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Weight: 235 lbs
  • Heat Output: 65000 BTUs
  • Propane or Natural Gas Options
  • Match Lit or Electronic Ignition Options
  • Material: GFRC Construction (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)
  • 3 Color Options: Onyx, Sandstone, Tuscany
  • Finish: FlagstoneWhite Flagstone Fire Pit with Table
  • Includes Lava Rock
  • Comes Pre-Assembled
  • User Manual with Operating Instructions
  • Made in USA
  • Model #: OPT-GRVFS60
  • Manufacturer: The Outdoor Plus Company
  • Phone: (909) 460-5579
  • For Sale: Where to Buy a Flagstone Fire Pit Kit