How to Light a Propane Fire Pit Table 1-2-3

A big advantage that gas fire tables have over traditional wood fire pits is that they’re super easy to ignite. Here’s how to light a propane fire pit table in 3 easy steps…

How to Light a Propane Fire Pit Table

Step 1: Open the Propane Tank Valve

Propane Tank Valve - Turn Counterclockwise to Open Gas

Usually, the gas tank sits underneath the fire bowl of a fire pit table. Turn the valve counterclockwise (to the left) to open it and release the gas.

Rotate the valve slowly until it stops, so you get maximum gas flow without a sudden surge of gas.

Step 2: Push the Ignition Button

Most fire tables have a starter button that is powered by a AA battery. Press it in, and you’ll hear a clicking sound of a spark being released.

If for some reason you don’t hear a clicking sound, you may need to replace the battery. Simply unscrew the cap of the ignition switch by rotating it counterclockwise, pull out the old battery and replace it with a fresh one.

Note: If your fire pit does’t have an electronic ignition system, use a long lighter or a match to ignite the propane. First, hold the lighter or match close to the burner while slowly turning on the gas. Then, once the flame ignites, adjust the flame to the desired height using the control knob.

Step 3: Turn the Flame Control Knob

Instant Ignition Button on Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table

Right next to the ignition button, you’ll see a flame control dial. use this knob to start the fire, control the flame size and also turn off the fire pit when you’re done.

The knob should have labeling, showing you how far to turn the knob.

While you press the ignition button, turn the dial simultaneously. This allows the gas to flow from the hose up into the fire bowl where the spark will produce a flame.

How to Turn Off a Gas Fire Pit:

To turn off the fire, rotate the propane tank valve clockwise to close the tank. Then, turn the controll knob on the fire table to the “off” position. Your table is safely turned off until the next time you use it.

Checking for Gas Leaks:

After lighting the fire pit, check for any propane leaks by smelling for gas around the fire pit. If you smell gas, turn off the propane tank. You may need to replace a part (like the regulator hose) or contact a professional for assistance.

How to find a gas leak in your fire table:

  1. Turn off all propane devices.
  2. Check the propane tank connections and look for signs of damage, cracks or corrosion. Also, make sure the connections are tight and secure.
  3. Apply a solution of soap and water to the connections, valve and hose using a spray bottle.
  4. Next, open the propane tank valve and check the connections, valve, and hose for any bubbles forming. If you see bubbles, this indicates a propane leak.