Newport Fire Pit Table – The Pros & Cons

Do you want a fire pit that gives off a lot of heat? Well, the Newport Fire Pit Table has a heat rating of 125,000 BTU’s!

Flame FX Newport Fire Pit Table

In comparison, the standard outdoor gas patio heater has a 45,000-48,000 BTU burner and can heat up 200 square feet. The 18-inch Penta burner on the Newport table definitely has a lot of power.

Wait, What’s a Penta Burner – and Why is it Good?

This fire pit table has a uniquely-shaped burner in the fire bowl called a Penta Burner. The configuration makes the fire look more realistic, like a campfire.

Newport Fire Pit Table Fire Bowl with Penta Burner

Plus, this upgraded design enable the fire pit to display the same flame height while using less fuel. In other words, you end up paying less in operating costs while experiencing the same flame effect.

Also, the low-profile shape allows for a more shallow fire bowl. This, in turn, requires less fire glass or lava rock in order to cover the burner

Elegant-Looking Fire Pit that’s Also Tough & Durable…

Newport Fire Pit Table SurfaceThe modern, minimal style of this table can help enhance the look of your patio or backyard, even when not in use. Plus, up close, the tabletop has a slightly grainy natural-looking texture.

Don’t be deceived, though. The sophisticated design has a heavy-duty framework and a weatherproof exterior.

For instance, the powder-coated aluminum metal surface make this table hold up well in the outdoors. Not to mention, this durable surface is easy to clean.

The Newport Fire Pit is Bigger: The Pros & Cons

Special Design of Newport Fire Pit Tabletop SurfaceCompared to many square fire pit tables that measure approximately 48″ long by 48″ wide, the Newport table takes up more space. The larger-sized fire bowl combined with the 12″ wide tabletop surround make it 57″ x 57″ square.

Therefore, keep in mind that you’ll need more space and most likely can’t fit it on a small patio. On the other hand, you’ll be able to comfortably fit more people around it when entertaining.

Not to mention, you get more table space to put food and drink. Plus, you can kick your feet up and relax.

Note: The surrounding tabletop is actually detached from the central base of the unit. Therefore, the surface stays cooler for drinks, games and feet. =)

A 20 lb propane tank (not included) conveniently fits under the table and out of sight. Alternatively, you can connect this unit to natural gas in your home.

Specs for the Newport Fire Pit Table:

  • Dimensions: 59″ Square x 27″ Tall
  • Material: Tempered Aluminum Frame, Stainless Steel Components
  • Color: Silver Vein
  • Heat Output: 125,000 BTUs
  • Match Light Ignition
  • Includes Black Lava Rock
  • Does Not Include Propane Tank
  • Model #: NEWPORT-59-SV
  • Can Be Converted to Natural Gas
  • Manufacturer: Flame FX
  • Get the Fire Pit Table Here

My thoughts on the Newport Fire Pit Table… and How to Save Money

Best Choice Fire Pit TableThis outdoor table has lots of advantages like more heat, larger size and a high-end design. However, it comes with a hefty price tag. Instead of paying something like $500 for a standard outdoor fire pit table, this one will run you about $3,500.