Red Ember Longmont Fire Pit Table Review…

Do you want a contemporary-style patio table that includes a fire pit too? The Red Ember Longmont has a simple, modern look at an affordable price. Plus, it works well with virtually any style of outdoor furniture. You can also get a fire table with wind guard that looks very similar.

Red Ember Longmont Fire Pit Table

There are several features that I like about this fire pit table.

Close-Up of Red Ember Longmont Modern Aluminum Tabletop

First of all, its size and shape make it very versatile and user-friendly.

At over 4 feet in length and rectangular in shape, this fire pit can double as an outdoor dining room table.

In addition, the fire bowl comes with a cover, so you can instantly increase the usable space.

Close-Up of Red Ember Longmont Fire Bowl with Clear Glass and FlamesSecondly, the modern, contemporary design of this fire pit give it a sophisticated appeal.

It can help upgrade the look of a plain patio, especially when combined with a sofa-and-chair set.

Outdoor furniture with high-quality construction and good design typically get used more often and therefore make it worth the investment.

Third, the clear fire glass gives the table a clean, elegant look. Plus, the cover helps keep the fire bowl clean of debris when not in use.

The video below covers the features and functions of the Red Ember Longmont fire pit table (shown in the bronze color).

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Red Ember Longmont Specs:

  • Dimensions: 50″ long x 38″ wide x 24″ high
  • Heat Output: 42,000 BTU’s (Unit produces average heat when compared to other gas fire pits.)
  • Weight: 84 lbs (Compared to stone and slate models, this lighter-weight table is easier to move.)
  • Material: Aluminum (The material is heat and weather resistant and therefore long-lasting and durable.)
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Shape: Rectangular
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The Downside of the Red Ember Fire Pit Table:

This table costs about $900. Compared to other fire pit tables, the price is significantly higher. For example, the Best Choice Square Fire Pit Table costs about half the price. It has similar contemporary styling, surface area, heat output and fire bowl cover.

About Red Ember

Red Ember makes an entire line of fire pits. They know how design products that can heat outdoor space, entertain family and friends, enhance comfort and add style.