Rope and Barrel Fire Pit Table – Is it a Good Value?

Do you want an outdoor gas fire pit with a rustic, nautical look? This rope and barrel fire pit table appears pretty authentic, yet the materials are fire resistant.

Rope and Barrel Fire Pit Table

This particular table would fit perfectly at a beach cottage or a coastal getaway. It offers that casual, relaxed look that makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

Key Advantages of this Barrel-Shaped Fire Pit:

Although this piece of furniture is not large, you get a significant amount of table space. In other words, it won’t overwhelm a small deck, yet you can still use it for outdoor dining.

Alternatively, the table’s compact size offers a unique way to accommodate more guests on a large patio. For example, you can set up 2 of these rope and barrel fire pit tables to allow for a greater seating capacity.

Note: These rope-and-barrel tables are affordably priced. As a result, you can get 2 tables for less than what you’d pay for a single large gas fire pit.

Rope and Barrel Fire Pit Features, Electronic Ignition, Cover, Gas Hookup

Does This Gas Fire Pit Give Off Much Heat?

The fire bowl emits 40,000 BTU’s of heat, which matches the average of other fire pit tables. You can definitely feel the heat , especially when the flames are set on high.

However, the smaller size and round shape of this fire table enables guests to sit closer to the fire. Therefore, you feel warmer without needing a higher heat output. =)

Merida Gas Fire Pit Table with Faux Wood and Round ShapeNote: By the way, if you prefer a fire pit table with higher BTU’s, the Merida has 50,000 BTU’s. It features a similar faux wood exterior and round barrel-like shape. However, the greater heat output comes with a larger size table and a higher price.

See the Fire Pit Flames for Yourself:

The video below demonstrates how large the flames can get. As you can imagine, sitting close to the table, you will feel a significant amount of heat. Of course, you can adjust the flame size depending on how much warmth you want.

This unique backyard fit pit comes as a complete kit (except for a 20-lb propane tank). In other words, you don’t have to buy additional parts like a gas line, lava rock, etc..

In fact, you can unpack and assemble the outdoor table in under an hour. Then, connecting the gas tank to the ignition switch takes only a few minutes.

Backyard Fire Pit Kit Includes:

  • Fire Pit Table with Stainless Steel Burner
  • Lava Rock (6 lbs)
  • 16″ Gas Hose with Regulator
  • Ignition Batteries
  • Weather-Resistant Polyester Cover

How to Connect a Propane Tank to Your Fire Pit Table:

Fire Pit Electronic Ignition Switch and Flame Adjust KnobThis fire pit table can hold a 20-lb propane gas tank underneath the table. Therefore, it conveniently stays hidden out of sight.

First, connect the tank to the ignition using the 16″ gas hose (included in the package). Next, install the batteries in the ignition button.

Then, turn the gas tank valve to “open”. Finally, press and turn the control knob counter-clockwise while pressing the ignition button. The fire pit should light.

Keep the control knob pressed in for about 30-45 seconds to ensure that your fire bowl stays lit. Then, if you need to adjust the flame size, simply turn the knob.

Note: I really like the electronic ignition feature that you can find on several fire pit table kits. This system makes it quick, easy and safe to turn the flames on and off in seconds.

Specs for this Rope and Barrel Fire Pit Table:

Woman Sitting in Adirondack ChairIn Summary: You can gain a patio table AND an outdoor fireplace without having to spend a lot of money. (Under $400!)

In addition, the unique design adds lots of style to any backyard. All you need is a few Adirondack chairs and a beverage. =)